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Creating a Safe Environment for Girls Vulnerable to Human Trafficking and Child Marriage


Born in Bangalore, India, Sakshi Satpathy is a real-life hero among women. Sakshi is a 16-year-old, high school senior who was famous for her work to battle against human trafficking and gender equality. Sakshi’s fight against the latest problems in our modern world began at an early stage. The teenager […]

The Lack of Gender Diversity at the Top


UK Businesses Need to Diversify Over the last few years we’ve seen an impressive push made in order to bring gender equality to the world over. Naturally some places are further ahead than others, that being said there is still a surprising amount of inequality in places that you’d imagine […]

Gender Equality Movement Leading the Equality Race – HeForShe


People often think that gender equality is a common, everyday privilege we enjoy. However, through nature’s ordinance, males have always been classified to be stronger and hence superior. The perception has continued for longer than we know, so changing the way that people think about a particular gender is no […]