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The Royal Champion for Women’s Rights – Meghan Markle

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Celebrities playing an active part in women’s rights is not new. Several stars have used their popularity to speak to those who are in need and help organizations fight toward their goal of women’s rights. Meghan Markle, the latest member of the Royal Family, has a history of working with […]

Women’s Rights – The Reason for Dual Citizenship

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Throughout history, women gained their citizenship from their male custodians like fathers and husbands. When a woman married, she acquired the nationality of her spouse. When marrying a foreigner, women were forced to give up their citizenship and take the citizenship of their husbands. However, after years and decades of […]

Any Change is Welcome – Women’s Rights in The Middle East

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The whole world applauded Saudi Arabia for its brave step toward ending the ban against women drivers. June of 2018 was the beginning of an age long tradition that curbed women from being independent in their mobility. However, the progress in liberating women is not fast paced in the Middle […]