Advancing To New Stages In Workplace Gender Equality

Gender inequality is one of the most dominant issues in today’s society. Women are treated lesser than men and are also paid less. To stop this many precautions and actions have been taken to prevent this from happening again. However the gender pay gap is confirmed to be decreasing with time, workplaces still have a lot of work to do. Studies and statistics conducted over months and years of data show that the almost impossible and unexpected gender equality is within our grasp we have to reach out and take it. Although gender equality has become possible, there are still many challenges and barriers that have to be dealt with and crossed.

To help this case and grasp gender equality entirely it is essential that organizations and other industries make the workplace as comfortable as possible for women, as to ensure that work is supporting gender equality. The latest FWX in the industrial services reveal that 5.1% more women have been hired and are now working in financial services in Australia. Not only does the FWX reveal that more women are currently working in a gender inequality free environment, but it also shows that the economic wellbeing of women is gradually improving. Although the progression of gender equality is slowly increasing, it is going in the correct direction and is doing wonders for the workplace.

An expected part of our workplaces, there is a significant increase in female employees throughout multiple organizations. As proof of economic progress, there was a substantial increase in the full-time employment of females. The numbers were an estimated amount of 3.16 million, and a low of 20 years in the average wage gap was documented. Women now occupy 28.5% of ASX 200 board positions in major organizations and companies.

Studies have also shown that education and graduate wages also play a significant and essential role in the types of courses and examinations that women participate in after graduating from high school. Female graduates from engineering are also known to earn more than male graduates. This has caused females to participate in this course more than three times the normal pace than it is for an average class. However, across all other courses the average female is paid less than the male. One of the quickest growth offering and the highest paying pathway for a woman’s career is telecommunications and information media.

A study steered by the Australian Institute of Company Directors showed that out of 21 female employees being interviewed only nine were fitted with benefits. These benefits were also known as the “hospital pass.” The hospital pass is a reassurance that was handed to the holder when personal risk while working or pursuing their career. However, since there is much improvement in gender equality in workplaces, it is still heavily unbalanced. If we keep advancing and keep working towards achieving gender equality, there may be higher chances of a better future for females in a workplace environment where they may feel comfortable.