Creating a Safe Environment for Girls Vulnerable to Human Trafficking and Child Marriage

Born in Bangalore, India, Sakshi Satpathy is a real-life hero among women. Sakshi is a 16-year-old, high school senior who was famous for her work to battle against human trafficking and gender equality. Sakshi’s fight against the latest problems in our modern world began at an early stage. The teenager revealed that as a child she had a solid awareness of the issues that only adults would usually understand and that she was also exposed to stories about how young girls were forced to marry. The act motivated Satpathy to take immediate action and voice the problems that were now surfacing in multiple parts of the U.S.

The teenager is famous for the problems that she voices though three different documentaries, which were screened in over 15 countries. Not only did she create movies to discuss the vulnerability of women in such situations, but she had also been able to develop resources and raise awareness through Project GREET- Girl Rights: Engage, Empower and Train. During an interview, Sakshi discusses how this project helps communities understand the problems that human trafficking and child marriages cause.

Through the use of the latest technology, Project GREET now has an estimated amount of 3 million people, fight against these inhumane acts. Satpathy has recently been awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award. The Girl Scout Gold Award is an award for those who pursue their idea and change it into a plan that can achieve far-reaching results. The Girl Scout Award is considered to be the most prestigious and highest award one can earn in girl scouts.

During an interview with Points of Light, Sakshi discusses how she is passionate about women’s rights and the issues such as, gender inequality that jeopardizes them. Throughout the time that she spent working on project GREET, Sakshi learned about the extent to which that child marriage and other issues impacted women’s rights. The acts increased Satpathy’s motivation to fight against the problems.

The planning work for project GREET began in October 2015, reaching towards completion two years later on October 2017. Sakshi revealed that she had interviewed many activists and lawyers around the globe to collect the necessary perspective and facts for the project. As part of the plan a website, a youtube playlist and three different documentaries that voice three different issues were created, which helped the absorption on the information to be more wide-spread and effective. To pay for all of the costs for filming, equipment and website tools, Sakshi used several fundraisers. However, the money that was being fundraised would also help raise awareness and grant better support for more well-equipped communities.

During the same interview with Points of Light, Sakshi was asked the question if there was a personal story behind her initiatives to fight against human trafficking and child marriage. Sakshi is one of the few women who has not been subject to the cruelty but one who was moved deeply by the stories she has heard from her time in India, where many of the girls were married at a very young age. She believes that people ought to be treated the way they wish to be treated themselves.