Domestic Violence And How It Impacts Work

Domestic violence is one major problem among other types of abuse. Domestic violence causes insecurity, vulnerability, and of course paranoia. It is the type of abuse that happens within the comfort and safety of your own home. Usually caused by a house member like a spouse or a partner, these types of violence is extremely aggressive and continuous. In many cases, domestic violence can impact a person negatively. It can also affect their behavior around certain individuals and even their performance in daily tasks such as work.

Signs Of Domestic Violence

One of the most important things to ensure is observed your partner. Check to see if they are controlling. A controlling relationship is often toxic to the victim and is a b0laring sign of an abusive relationship. This behavior surfaces over time and is strengthened and caused when the partner uses a particular action to control the victim. Some examples of controlling conduct that can be expressed from a male to a female partner include, threats and going through personal information.  The reason for domestic violence is simple. It is to gain and maintain power over another individual. Power and control are considered to be the leading cause of such behavior in an abusive relationship.

How Does Domestic Violence Impacts A Person At Work

Many individuals have complained and reported that they were constantly harassed and abused. Some even report that the abuse follows them to their workplace. The abusers would call the victims and constantly bother them to check if they were at work, and sometimes even prevent them from working. One in three employees at a company has experienced domestic violence at least once. Over 80% of people who suffered domestic abuse found that it impacted themselves and their career negatively. Victims who are affected by domestic violence are more likely to fall into absenteeism and force them to submit poor work and sometimes leave them vulnerable to discipline.

Too many individuals who are suffering from an abusive relationship, work is considered a haven as it offers an escape from the partner and the relationship. However, some victims are not as fortunate to escape from the abuse as sometimes the abuser follows the victim to the workplace. Although sometimes, when the abuser visits the victim at work, co-workers are also impacted as well. Increased loads of work and stress are a frequent visitor when the victim shows up for their daily jobs and employment.

Identifying A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

When it comes to domestic violence the most affected and the most vulnerable is not the bystanders or the co-workers, but rather the victim. Females are more likely to be domestically mistreated, whereas cases, where men are abused, are uncommon. In many cases, when abuse takes place in a workplace co-worker either ignore it or think of it to be something else. However, to help fix situations such as these, it is essential that a co-worker looks for these signs:

  • The victim is more tired and makes more frequent mistakes
  • Works extra shifts to stay away from home
  • Shows odd signs of paranoia, depression, and isolation
  • Obvious bruising or other major and minor injuries
  • Heavy makeup and other concealing clothing and products