Gender Equality Movement Leading the Equality Race – HeForShe

People often think that gender equality is a common, everyday privilege we enjoy. However, through nature’s ordinance, males have always been classified to be stronger and hence superior. The perception has continued for longer than we know, so changing the way that people think about a particular gender is no ordinary feat. In many countries, women are treated in ways similar to that of animals, as they are considered inferior. The act leads to different issues in today’s communities and society. However, the rate in which that gender inequality was present in olden times has significantly decreased, meaning that change is occurring to societal beliefs.

Facts and Figures That Prompted Awareness Movements

In today’s world, 62 million girls are still denied education and women who are lucky to have full-time jobs only earn 77% of what male employers earn. The fact brings to light how equal pay is one of the most significant issues in the workplace, and it also shows workplace gender equality is also an example. Recently as a show of support to gender equality, major city skyscrapers such as the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building were half-lit. This dramatic display shows the power lost when the world excludes women. The lights indicate the roles that women play in the development of society and our economy. Also showing how excluding women in the workplace and at home, causes the exclusion of their ideas and point of views.

The united nation’s HeForShe movement organized the visual demonstration displayed by the skyscrapers of the world. The demonstration was brought to the UN along with a report that consisted of 34 solutions on achieving gender equality in the workplace, home, and society. Part of the 34 solutions includes voicing women’s empowerment and closing the gender pay gap. The movement was created by UN women, whose goal is to create a successful approach upon a targeted platform on which they can voice these gender-related issues. For the year’s UN General Assembly, the HeForShe moment wants to make a powerful statement that will show how gender equality benefits us all.

Celebrities Back the HeForShe Movement

In 2014, actress Emma Watson questioned the world and requested them to take action and build a movement against gender inequality. Ever since then the HeForShe movement has focused on men as advocates, as true equality cannot be earned without the support of men. Overall workplace equality has improved drastically, however, globally almost one-third of companies utilize no women in senior management roles. Equal pay in the workspace is also another example of gender inequality. During an analysis in gender pay gaps, the most evident was in the tech sector of the workspace. The issue is due to the rate of women who are enrolling STEM courses and is also due to problems in education.

One of the essential pieces of information that have been voiced in the UN is that people should stop talking about what women can do, and instead focus on fixing the system itself. Men are needed to make the workspace suitable for everyone; this is one of the key objectives that the HeForShe movement have been focusing on completing.