Gender Inequality in Hollywood

Hollywood is the world’s center point for some of the greatest movies in the world. It is famous for having priceless mementos of prominent past and present actors and musicians. Although movies are excellent entertainment and are a great way to pass the time. Many things occur behind the scenes that we as the audience are unaware of. There has been a vast multitude of cases of staff and actresses being abused and harassed behind the scenes and sometimes directly on the screen. However, most of the harassment and sexist accusations sometimes occur in TV shows. Since they happen in tv shows, they are usually brushed off and considered “normal.”

Washington Sexual Harassment Movement

In Washington officials and many other individuals have come up with movements to support and address sexual harassment and abuse. The campaign addresses not only the sexual harassers of the world but also some powerful men who are great idols. Sexism in the film industry goes back many decades, and they can influence the stories that have been told on the silver screen. One of the examples of such sexism is displayed in the children’s cartoon ‘Pepe Le Pew.’ The cartoon features a skunk in an endless pursuit of a character known as Penelope Pussycat. When the show was first released, it was considered cute and adorable, but now the skunk’s advances are considered too creepy and reflect females as passive sexual objects.

In olden Hollywood movies, characters displayed shocking types of sexism. For one instance, domestic abuse and cruel behavior from husbands towards women were considered as a sign of a passionate relationship. This is readily apparent in the epic drama movie ‘Gone with the Wind, where the husband on-screen is derisive and controlling towards his wife. These actions clarified with the fact that the female was immature, manipulative and erratic. Hollywood is famous for glamorizing and validating the character who had to take control and rein in the child-like female.

Sexism Behind Scenes

One of the most prominent parts of sexism on-screen is that it also continued behind the scenes. In the olden days, actresses were known to be extremely enduring of all the harassment and abuse that took place in private. One of the most despicable acts of sexual harassment and abuse that took place in Hollywood is the arrangement for the actress in the movie ‘Last Tango in Paris.’ The lead role and the director agreed that there would be a rape scene in the movie, however, the lead female role, actress Maria Schneider would not be informed of this scene. Many cases of actresses have suffered consequences of refusing the sexual attempts of both actors and directors. An actress known as Tippi Hedren refused sexual advances from her director in one of her movies and she was blackmailed, about how the director would destroy her career if he didn’t do as he asked. Many individuals have fallen victim to behaviors such as this, and have been impacted negatively.

#TimesUp And #MeToo

Ever since movement #MeToo and the #TimesUp have been created, films around the world are showing improved signs of nuanced and textured female characters. Although much progress has formed, officials are convinced that there is more to go. Many directors are now offering jobs to women behind screens as makeup artists. However, this process is said to take time as sexism is a problem that is too pervasive to be able to change quickly. A recent study conducted showed that 94% of women in the filming industry suffered from a form of sexual abuse or harassment during their career.