The Royal Champion for Women’s Rights – Meghan Markle

Celebrities playing an active part in women’s rights is not new. Several stars have used their popularity to speak to those who are in need and help organizations fight toward their goal of women’s rights. Meghan Markle, the latest member of the Royal Family, has a history of working with women’s rights organizations from her time in the television industry. Her commitment to feminism has been steady throughout her career and continued through her alliance with the Royal Family. The palace confirmed that she would continue to work toward fighting against women’s rights and be the representative from the Royal Family on matters concerning the same.

Championing Women’s Rights as A Palace Representative

Since her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan has had a packed schedule of events she would attend. Her plan for the designated royal tour is set to travel across the Asia Pacific and attend events that support women’s rights. The UN Women’s Project in Fiji will be her focus when going to Fiji, while she would play an active part in New Zealand’s 125th Anniversary to celebrate, women’s right to vote.

The tour is set to empower youth and women. The different projects that they would be visiting will be those that are taken up by young people who work together to battle against social economic and environmental problems around the world. Speeches, meetings and special commemorations form an essential part of their schedule during the visits. The British High Commissioner in Fiji will host a morning Tea for the Duchess to understand the women’s organizations in the country. In the year 2015, the Duchess had spoken up on behalf of women’s rights at the UN Women organization. A proud woman and feminist at heart are what the Duchess is.

Supporting Social and Economic Organisations

During the Royal Tour, the couple is set to visit the Taronga Zoo at Sydney. They are expected to watch the rehearsals of the native tribes of the Australian Dance Company at the Bangarra Dance Theatre. The Sex Discrimination Commissioner in Australia would update the Duchess about the struggle. Governments and organizations have claimed that Meghan could easily use her power and drive to back organizations like World Vision, which fight for asylum seekers.

Perhaps a look into the Duchess’s unscripted thoughts could shed some light on the passion she has at heart. While there are news and media available about her pre-royal life, and the organizations she has been a part of; her vision could differ from what she is working on now. When she entered the Royal Family and made the bold statement of being a feminist, she shook up the monarch. However, with her entrance, the evolution of the Monarchy into a contemporary institution is well-underway. Meghan Markle has every potential to become one of the loudest voices for women’s right from a place of power. Her support and strategy toward socio-economic causes have a possibility of making a huge impact.