Why Global Feminists Need to Exist to Fight for Women

The word “feminist” had a bad reputation among both men and women around the world, a few years ago. The stigma with being regarded as a feminist or even calling oneself a feminist was considered a disgrace. Today, there are women’s magazines all over the world that proudly bear the word on its front cover. The very fact the previously stigmatic word is now a proud face of women across the globe shows how far the world has come in accepting women’s rights.

A Walk-Through the Feminist Movement

Feminist movements have always had different types of interpretations depending on the location, opinions, and ideas. Today’s #MeToo era has been the largest uprising to promote the right to equality for women around the world. Feminism has now resurfaced as a popular movement and is gaining the traction it needs to succeed. However, from a woman’s point of view, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to a female’s rights. Women need to be appreciated and recognized as being equal, even in the most backward countries, where women are considered to have the lowest priority when it comes to human rights.

The Future Success of The Movement

For feminism to be practical, women from everywhere need to step away from the norms that have curbed their abilities and make their voices heard. Women are more followers than leaders because of the age-old traditions and mentality they have grown with. Therefore, for a woman to lead, she will require to work hard to fight against their conscious which stops them from taking the lead. Taking the lead also means that women should be willing to step up to the challenge of what they have usually steered away from.

Empowerment Might Not Be Power

When referring to empowerment, implies that women don’t have any power and they have to be given power. The term could mean there is a fundamental flaw in understanding power. Men do not talk about empowerment, they take and seize it. Therefore, it is essential for women to not focus on the fact that they need to fight for power. However, a natural acceptance that they can claim equal rights is the mindset that will change the future.

Freedom Comes from Within

Women don’t need to be fed freedom. Freedom is there in everything that is available to humanity. However, giving control to a select few means that it has to be ‘given.’ The concept of freedom lies within every woman as much as it lies within every man. Women need to evaluate the liberty they have in everything and embrace it rather than allowing anything to stop them. The idea of feminism amongst women is gradually changing the fact that women have to fight for human rights. Instead, it lays a scenario that all women can be an identity that is equal to all men. Embracing feminism in every aspect of life will enable women to look beyond traditions and language, that defines the world ‘Females.’