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Why More Women are Choosing Entrepreneurship

Gone are the days of women being stay-at-home-moms and only working part time while they support their husband’s dreams. More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs and for good reason. Women are building businesses, investing in real estate, and pursuing their passions, all while still taking care of their children and homes. Women are no longer settling for no promotions in the workplace. Women are no longer being a slave to their corporate jobs and coming home to only make dinner, do dishes, and clean up after their families. Women now have work-life balance, and are showing the world that they can have it all. Here’s why more women are choosing entrepreneurship today.

Woman sitting with laptop
Woman sitting with laptop

Time Freedom

Being a female entrepreneur gives you the ability to live life on your own terms. There is absolutely nothing like owning your time. Women who work traditional jobs spend 40 or more hours at their jobs per week. That’s time that you can never get back. That valuable time could be spent spending time with friends and family, traveling to see the world, or learning how to start your own business. The best thing about owning your time is you get to decide if you want to get dressed for the day and you never have to worry about missing your child(ren)’s school events or doctor’s appointments. When working traditional jobs, you have to get up and get dressed everyday, you have to let them know days, sometimes weeks in advance if you need a day off, and you’re living your life based on what your job wants and needs from you. Women are no longer dealing with this. Women are becoming entrepreneurs to set their own schedules and be in charge of their time. Women, especially mothers, are taking their power back.

Pursue Passion

One of the best things about being a woman entrepreneur is that you get to pursue your passion and do what it is you love. When you do what you love, it never feels like work. Most female entrepreneurs birth their businesses from their passions. Women are natural caretakers, so it’s no wonder many women are starting to open up daycare centers, home health care agencies, and residential cleaning services. Women who have passions and figure out how to monetize those passions can really go a long way. There’s no greater feeling than waking up in the morning, excited, and ready to conquer your day.

Multiple Streams of Income

One thing that’s guaranteed about working a job is that nine times out of ten, that’s your one and only source of income. Unless, of course, you have a second or third job, and then you don’t have time for anything else in life. However, being a female entrepreneur, you are in charge of how many streams of income you have. You are writing your own paychecks, literally. You’re not relying on only one source to get by and living paycheck to paycheck. It is so hard for working mothers and women in general, to live off of one source of income, because if anything were to happen to that source, how would you pay your bills? So, now, more than ever, women are choosing entrepreneurship so that they never have to worry about their finances again.

To Connect with Other Women

Women love connecting with and helping other women. Networking with other women entrepreneurs has so many benefits and women are taking advantage. Female entrepreneurs share so many of the same qualities, as they are driven, self-motivated, goal-oriented, that it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. When you connect with other women in the same space, you can network, share ideas, and have a real support system. This is another great reason as to why women are choosing to become their own bosses.

Group of women sitting at table with tablet, paper and pens
Group of women sitting at table with tablet, paper and pens

If you’re tired of your corporate job sucking the life out of you, not getting paid what you’re worth, and you don’t have the time freedom that you’re seeking, maybe it’s time to take a bet on yourself. More and more women are turning to entrepreneurship for all of the reasons mentioned above. I have been a full time entrepreneur for over six years now, and it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck, not having any time with my children, and I knew that I deserved more. Now that I own my own online business, I write my own checks and have the time freedom to do more of what I want. I no longer have to struggle with bills and if I want to spend my day doing DIY projects or playing on Pokerstars, I have that luxury. I set my own hours and don’t have to report to anyone. I’m living the dream, and you can too.